Thursday, November 12, 2009

Reflection on Veterans Day

Yesterday almost seemed like an oxymoron as it fell so close on the heels of the tragedy at Fort Hood.

As the daughter of a World War II veteran, the wife of veteran, mother of a veteran and a grandmother of a grandson only 22 and a newborn son at home serving in Iraq on a second tour, who would have ever thought that someone could cause such great harm to so many while they are doing their job protecting all of the USA.

As I sent "thank you" to several of our current soldiers, encouraging them to be safe and come home as soon as possible, it seems so inadequate. What else is there to do? Yes, we pray each day for their safety. We send boxes of needed items. We care for their families if we are physically close enough. It still doesn't seem like enough when they are doing so much.

If you see a soldier in uniform from any branch, take time to smile and say "thank you" for the life you are able to live because of them. Even if you don't agree about the soldiers going into harms way, at least agree that we owe them for our safety with our gratitude if nothing else.

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